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What is Gadgetany?

GadgetAny is crowdfunding platform to help innovative ideas and tech related projects to raise funds.

Every project on GadgetAny needs to have a distinct objective, such as creating tech product, a gadget, or any consumer electronics. A project will eventually come to an end and create something.

Visit Our Rules for additional details.

GadgetAny is not a ecommerce store; instead, backers contribute to projects to support the creation process and make them a reality. Project creators offer special rewards that capture the essence of what they're attempting to create as a way of saying "thank you" to backers for their contributions.
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    • Does GadgetAny Guarantee Perks?

      GadgetAny is unable to guarantee that the project will be a success and perks will be delivered on time or at all. By claiming a perk you are supporting an idea or startup that you want to succeed. It means you are helping a creator to bring their ...
    • What are the basics terms of GadgetAny?

      A project is a product with a specific objective that you want to realize. Consider an eBike, Fan, or Bluetooth speaker. The sum of money a creative needs to finish their project is known as the Goal. A creator is the individual or group who came up ...
    • What are the fees?

      GadgetAny doesn’t charge any fee from the creator or the backers in order to launch or back any project.
    • How to report a project?

      If you see any miscellaneous product on GadgetAny or any abusive language used. We recommend you to report the project. You can report a project from the bottom of that particular project page.
    • How do I know that my contribution was successful?

      When you contribute to a product and select a perk your card will be charged immediately. After the payment confirmation you will receive a mail from GadgetAny with your perk id and all the details. If you did not recieved any mail regarding your ...