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How do I provide my demographic information?

Go to the bottom of the People tab of your project editor, you’ll find a prompt to answer a queries about yourself and your project. This section is completely optional and isn’t mandatory for starting a project on gadgetany. If you choose to complete this section, you’ll have the opportunity to inform us about yourself and your project, which will help us assess the efficacy of our diversity and inclusion efforts within the creator community.

To complete this section, simply click the “Go to questions” button. There is a bunch of questions that ask about your project readiness and demographic details.

After submitting your answers, this section will no longer pop up in the People tab. You can’t modify or edit your answers after submitting them, however you can email if you’d like us to delete the provided information.
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    • Why do you need my demographic info and what will you do with it?

      We require the demographic information of the creators to help us assess and work upon our diversity and inclusion efforts, and to provide creators with pertinent and useful service offerings. A detailed info about our creators helps us provide ...
    • What will you do with demographic info?

      We’ll only use your information in line with our efforts for making the GadgetAny platform reliable and available to all. We analyze the data from the survey at a large scale in a de-identified way to track demographic trends and identify methods and ...
    • As a GadgetAny creator how can I adhere to data privacy rules?

      When you run a successful project on GadgetAny, you will receive some personally identifiable information (PII) from your backers, comprising their email address and survey responses. Under GadgetAny Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, all project ...
    • Are there any prohibited items?

      We prohibit projects that are illegal, heavily regulated, or potentially dangerous for backers, as well as rewards that the creator did not make. For more information check out our Prohibited Items page.
    • What does the ‘About the creator’ section deal about?

      The “About the creator” section will show some fundamental information about yourself, a big chunk of such details can also be found on your public profile page: - Profile name - Location - Biography - Last login date - Facebook connection status - ...