How do I contact the creator?

How do I contact the creator?

You can contact the creator in 2 ways.
  1. Comment:- You can comment on the project page by asking information about the product or any other question. 
    Comment Section
  2. By sending email or message :- You can send mail directly to the creator. You can see the creator's email id by clicking on his profile.

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    • If I make a pledge, what information does the project creator receive?

      After a successful pledge the creator will receive about the perk you have chosen. Your shipping details and name.
    • How do I send Messages to creator?

      Any communications you have sent or received through Gadgetany’s direct messaging system are listed in the Messages section of your profile. Messages can be read and replied to, filtered by status, and searched for using particular keywords. Sending ...
    • I haven't received my reward yet.

      We suggest you keep track of the estimated delivery dates of the products. And keep checking the update section of the project page. If there are some problems with perk details we urge creators to post an update atleast in each 15 days. If it is ...
    • Is my pledge amount publicly displayed?

      No, your pledge amount will not be displayed publicly, However the creator can see the pledge amount.
    • What are the fees?

      Gadgetany doesn’t charge any fee from the creator or the backers in order to launch or back any project.