Does Gadgetany Guarantee Perks?

Does Gadgetany Guarantee Perks?

Gadgetany is unable to guarantee that the project will be a success and perks will be delivered on time or at all.

By claiming a perk you are supporting an idea or startup that you want to succeed. It means you are helping a creator to bring his product to life. Between the process there are multiple things that can go wrong.

We Ask the contributors to make their own judgment about the project or the product. However, if a project fails to deliver the perks on its own time and will communicate to the creator to keep the community updated about the progress.

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      Gadgetany is Crowdfunding platform to help innovative ideas and tech related projects to raise funds. Every project on Gadgetany needs to have a distinct objective, such as creating tech product, a gadget, or any consumer electronics. A project will ...
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    • How do I claim a perk?

      Review the list of perks on the right-side of the project page. When you see a particular perk on the project page that you're interested in, Click on the perk itself. Click Select Perk This will have selected the perk for you to continue with the ...
    • What are the fees?

      Gadgetany doesn’t charge any fee from the creator or the backers in order to launch or back any project.
    • How to report a project?

      If you see any miscellaneous product on gadgetany or any abusive langauage used. We recommend you to report the project. You can report a project on the bottom of the project page.