Can gadgetany be used to fund anything?

Can gadgetany be used to fund anything?

Gadgetany is a place to translate creative ideas into reality, and find support for your project.

Projects are started on gadgetany to create something innovative; whether it be recording an album, publishing a comic, making a gadget, filming a short, or creating a work of art that will be shared with others. Your project should include a clear end goal, with a properly designed plan to approach there.

As our ambition is to help creators give shape to new creative ideas, we don’t allow presenting something that’s already exists somewhere else as a project’s end goal. For instance, if you’ve already published, and are selling, a cookbook, this shouldn’t be the end goal for your project. However, if you want to create and publish a second cookbook, the first one could be offered alongwith this as one of your reward tiers.

We analyze projects before they launch to make sure that they fit this criteria, and to make sure they aren’t violating our rules.

If you’re not sure whether your idea would be fit for gadgetany, feel free to contact us.
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    • Who can use Gadgetany?

      GadgetAny is open to backers globally. Anyone from any part of the world can pledge to a project if they own a major credit or debit card. Project creation is currently available to individuals in the Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, ...
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